Managing the Poor Performer - 1 & 1/2 days

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From talking to someone about coming in on-time to sacking them for stealing, managing people who don’t do their jobs properly is always a headache for managers and supervisors. However, it is worth the time to get it right. When performance management is not done well, everyone suffers and the organisation can end up dealing with the legal fall-out.

This one-and-a-half day in-depth course is designed to give you or your managers the skills to improve your employee’s performance. Or if termination is needed, to have followed a process that will stand-up in the Fair Work Commission.

Day one - why performance manage 

The first day of this two day course will help you to understand the legislation, including unfair dismissal and general protections, and the risks when poor performance is not managed.

Day one includes:

  • Why hoping it will get better doesn’t work
  • Unfair dismissal and general protections laws
  • What is HR’s job vs the manager’s job
  • Why we must follow the organisations policy
  • The role of paperwork and protecting the organisation

We will spend time looking at recent case law about what to do when tricky situations occur, such as when one of the team:

  • Bags the business on Facebook;
  • Doesn’t show up for work; and
  • Keeps taking sickies.

Day two - how we deal with poor performers

After learning the “why” on the first day, we will explore the “how” of managing performance. The group will put into practice the theory covered on the first day and will learn the steps to follow to help take the worry out of dealing with difficult employees.

Day two includes:

  • Bringing up issues with an employee in a comfortable way
  • How to have the tough conversations
  • How to give a warning so it sticks
  • Opening and closing the meeting
  • Dealing with difficult situations
  • Terminating an employee for serious misconduct

This course is designed for:

Anyone involved with, or responsible for, hiring decisions in a business.

If there are no sessions available, please contact the CCI Training team on (08) 9365 7500.

Please note this course is over 2 days.