Employment Law Fundamentals - Part 1: The Basics

Course Details

Employment law in Australia can be very complex and difficult to understand. However business owners, management, payroll and human resource professionals are required to comply with these laws, with the risk of fines and harmful claims if they fail to do so.

This course provides participants with an introduction to employment law. Participants will become comfortable with the basics of what they need to know in order to comply.

Designed for anyone who needs to understand these obligations, this course will enable participants to:

  • Learn about employment contracts, what they are, when they are formed, and how they operate
  • Understand different types of employment arrangements 
    • Permanent
    • Fixed Term
    • Casual
  • Understand the principles to determine the difference between a contractor and an employee
  • Find out where your employees entitlements come from
    • Legislation (including the National Employment Standards)
    • Awards (including how to determine coverage)
    • Agreements
  • Understand the basics of termination and what to consider for:
    • Resignations
    • Performance or conduct based terminations
    • Redundancy process and entitlements

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