As the voice of business for more than 125 years, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia (CCI) has a long and proud history of calling for change on behalf of the business community.

With more than 9000 business Members, our strength lies in numbers – the collective power of our Member’s voices empowers CCI to elevate the concerns of WA industry to key nationwide decision-makers.

As WA’s peak business advocate, CCI works with State and Federal Governments to ensure the interests of the business community are top of the agenda.

Our policy priorities are shaped by our Member’s experiences, which we listen to through a range of working groups and forums on topics including:

  • Agriculture and Food
  • Energy and Resources (including climate change and environmental working groups)
  • Government and Fiscal Policy
  • Industrial Relations and Workplace Risk
  • Infrastructure
  • Manufacturing
  • Social and Community Development

For more information about our forums and working groups, email Policy and Communications Manager Belinda Blackman at

CCI communicates the concerns of our Members to media, government, drivers of change and the wider community through the coordination of our policy, communications, marketing and events departments, which together form an integrated advocacy team.

Our advocacy focuses on helping business work to help West Australians work, to ensure our state is a place where business can succeed and jobs can be created.

CCI Advocacy in Motion

CCI plays an active role in representing the interests of the business community at important inquiries, reviews and on major issues. These include:

State and Federal Budgets

Managing public sector finances is critical to the long-term well-being of our state and nation, as it promotes strong economic growth and better standards of living. A sound fiscal position guards against international shocks and creates an environment that encourages investment and allows for a lower and more stable tax burden over time.

CCI plays an active role in informing the community on issues related to State and Federal Government finances, while working with all levels of government to deliver reforms needed to get budgets back under control.

Realising WA’s Energy Advantages

Energy security is a priority for WA and business – our Members expect affordable, reliable and secure access to energy, underpinned by a nationally-driven policy to meet international abatement targets. In 2014, the previous State Government started a process to review the structures of the electricity generation, wholesale and retail sectors within the South West Interconnected System in WA and the incentives for industry participants to make efficient investments and minimise costs.

There are several unfinished elements of this reform including adopting a constrained access model to provide easier access for renewable projects to connect; tariff reform to reflect the true price of electricity; and introducing competition into the market through facility bidding and full retail contestability.

Industrial Relations and Workplace Safety

CCI Members provide a unique WA perspective on the need for a national industrial relations framework given the way Australia’s industrial relations system continues to negatively impact upon the ability of WA businesses to compete in a global economy.

Such a framework would promote flexibility, encourage direct engagement with employees and reduce unnecessary red tape.

For the small number of private sector businesses who remain covered by the state industrial relations system, CCI has called upon both parties to commit to the referral of the State Government’s residual industrial relations powers to the Commonwealth, in line with the action already taken by other states. 

As an alternative, CCI proposes the establishment of an industrial relations framework that is specifically suited to WA small businesses.

CCI is also supportive of the modernisation of our occupational safety and health legislation to establish a WA-specific version of the national harmonised occupational safety and health system that builds upon the strengths of the current system and addresses the needs of WA employers.

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