What does Labor mean for OSH?

15 March, 2017

With a new Government comes a new approach to OSH obligations and responsibilities.

The potential changes under Mark McGowan’s Labor may include union-led prosecutions and lengthy jail terms for recklessness as well as tightening of other obligations.

The Labor Government made a range of pre-election commitments to make workers compensation and injury management reforms.

These could provide for immediate entry into workplaces for union officials, introduction of third party ability to prosecute for breaches of health and safety laws and a reverse onus of proof to employers.

It isn’t only occupational safety and health legislation that is to undergo a shake-up under the new government, worker’s compensation is on the radar too.

There were proposals to amend the legislation so that journey claims and recess claims are covered by the system, and the recognition of volunteers injured in work situations under workers’ compensation legislation.