Up to business to help graduate engineers

27 January, 2017

The engineering profession is facing an unheralded crisis with graduate employment for engineers at its lowest level since the 1992/93 recession, says head of WA energy utility Horizon Power Frank Tudor.

He says graduates are finding it increasingly difficult to secure full-time employment and are faced with an increasingly uncertain future. 

To help combat this crisis, Horizon Power has partnered with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA and Engineers Australia in an industry first training program for graduate engineers.

The Graduates@CCI Power Engineering training program gives graduates an entry step into the profession.

Tudor says it’s important for the industry to support graduate development.

“We need to develop young engineers for what is going to be one of the most exciting times in the energy industry with the rapid transformation of technology and Horizon Power’s own strategy focused on incorporating much higher levels of distributed energy into our microgrid systems,” he says.

Sanket Wankhede and Nathan Mazoue have been employed with Horizon Power for the past six months under the training program. 

Wankhede, a UWA graduate, says the training program has enabled him to gain practical on-the-job training, which helped him secure two long-term contract job offers.

“I am extremely grateful to CCIWA, Engineers Australia and Horizon Power for his opportunity to not only secure employment, but to also gain a range of experience in the field of power engineering,” he says. 

CCI Chief Executive Officer Deidre Willmott says CCI is committed to developing the skills and experience of WA’s future engineers and making it easier for businesses to work with graduates.

The program benefits the industry by providing businesses with access to low-cost, quality engineers.