Take Budget concerns up with the Treasurer

16 June, 2017

CCI has been doing it’s bit to campaign for a fair share of the nation’s GST and now you can share your views with the Federal Treasurer.

In Perth on June 29, Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison will be guest speaker at the CCI Breakfast with the Treasurer event to be held at Granite room, Perth Arena.

While Morrison will outline the Government’s budget measures and how they are helping West Australian families and businesses, CCI Members have made it clear that GST reform is among their top concerns this year.

The CCI annual Member Survey found about 60 per cent of businesses ranked GST reform as a priority, along with changing payroll tax and improving access to supply chains.

CCI Chief Economist Rick Newnham, who met with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in Canberra this month, has championed the cause for CCI Members that WA should get a fairer cut of the GST.

Newnham was joined by influential businessmen including Woodside chairman Michael Chaney, investment banker John Poynton and Satterley CEO Nigel Satterley to discuss changes to the GST formula that would ensure each state is getting its fair share while still incentivising development of state resources.

“The meeting with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was a very constructive discussion on the GST issue and its impact on national economic growth,” Newnham said.

“The Prime Minister listened intently and was very keen to discuss all the options for GST reform, and said he would continue to participate in an open dialogue on GST going forward.”

Morrison announced an inquiry by the Productivity Commission into the distribution of the tax in April. The Commission is due to report in January next year. 

►Join us for breakfast on 30 June to hear from the Federal Treasurer the Hon. Scott Morrison as he outlines how the Turnbull Government is continuing to deliver its 2017 Budget. Book your tickets here.