Tackling business a wake up call for ex-Eagles’ star

22 September, 2017

Former West Coast Eagles legend Quinten Lynch says there are plenty of lessons he learnt in footy that he’s applied to business.

He will be speaking at CCI’s free small business sundowner at Edith Cowan University’s Mount Lawley Campus on September 28.

Lynch retired in 2014 after 209 games with the Eagles and 18 with Collingwood.

He now works as an insurance broker with GSK and runs a small business with his wife.

He says there are a lot of similarities in football and business.

“I’ve got a small business with my wife and I work in business now myself and I think hard work gets you a long way in life,” he says.

“Like footy, small business takes a lot a of effort and the more hard work you put into it the more results you get.

“It does take the odd disappointment to learn from your mistakes and you become better and stronger going forward.

 “It got me through a footy career and putting those things in practise in my day-to-day business life have put me in good stead.”

Despite the rough and tumble nature of a career on the footy field, Lynch says life in the business world came as quite a shock.

“It was pretty brutal. It was something I thought I was ready for but even when I got out there it was even harsher than I thought,” he says.

“It was a quick whack in the face when you realise that footy life is a lot easier than you probably think.

“As long as you put your best foot forward though; and know there’s going to be difficult moments along the way that you just deal with; you’re on your way to succeeding.”

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