Suppliers needed for jewel in the crown

24 May, 2017

It’s full steam ahead at Perth Stadium as preparations and procurement continue to ready the $1.27b jewel in the Burswood Peninsula’s crown for its official opening early next year.

At CCI’s Meet the Buyer event on May 23 Perth Stadium chief executive Mike McKenna said everything was on schedule to open by next year including the Swan River pedestrian bridge and even a jetty north of the bridge, which will service private boats and possibly ferries.

McKenna told the crowd there could be opportunities for ferry operators once the jetty was up and running.

“I can certainly confirm they’re building a jetty, quite a large jetty that will take ferries of all sizes,” he said.

“The jetty will be built by the end of December, the foundation is already down, the rocks are settling in the river.

“I think the jetty itself is being built elsewhere and will be towed up later on in the piece.”

Venueslive was selected to run the stadium in November last year and since then has been sourcing the equipment and services it needs to keep the venue humming.

McKenna said there were still plenty of opportunities for WA businesses with $20m worth of products and services required before it can open, part of $150m worth of contracts on offer during its first five years of operation.

It needs 70,000 pieces of cutlery, 30,000 plates, 2000 uniforms and three forklifts, for example.

Contracts are on offer for the 600,000 serves of chips and 120,000 burgers expected to sell and for services such as cleaning, security and audio visual.

McKenna said the Stadium has a WA first mantra and in addition to being commercially feasible, contract winners will also need to demonstrate sustainability and commitment to opportunities for Indigenous Australians.

“These contracts that we award to third parties obviously will create a lot more job opportunities,” he said.

“I think something we’re particularly proud of and I think the State Government is particularly keen on is the number of jobs this will create for Perth and WA.

“We’re also very keen to make sure we’re engaging suppliers who provide sustainable services and those looking to support local businesses.”

Businesses interested in tenders should visit or email with the category of your business in the subject line and you will be added to the distribution list.

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