Stop the confidence crisis

28 July, 2017

Author Jamila Rizvi says women in the workplace should ignore the inner voice that tells them they are not good enough. 

The News Limited columnist, Fox FM presenter and regular television commentator for shows including The Project and The Drum will be the keynote at the CCI Boffins Books Business Book Club event on August 18.

Rizvi has just released her debut book Not Just Lucky, which aims to inspire women to believe in themselves and not hold back.

While WA's CEOs for Gender Equity and CCI Members such as FMG, South32 and the WACA are evening up the playing field for women in the workforce, statistics show there is still work to be done on equality in the pay stakes and in the boardroom.

Rizvi says it’s time for women to stop feeling the ‘imposter syndrome’ because they 100 per cent deserve to be in the roles they hold.

“Impostor syndrome is so common amongst women that researchers once thought it was exclusively something that women experienced,” she says.

“It’s not. Anyone can feel like an impostor at work, and worry that they're going to be 'discovered' as not up to the role they hold.

“The best and most reassuring piece of advice I’ve come across on impostor syndrome is this: If you’re worried you’re an impostor, you’re not.

“Seriously. Actual impostors never worry that they’re impostors.” 

She says while luck may play a role in reaching career highs, it’s not the full story.

“Luck and privilege play a role in all of our lives and it’s important to remember that you may have had advantages and opportunities that others haven’t,” she says.

“But there is always an ‘and’ … success requires hard work, honed skills and natural talent. And as women, it’s high time we started recognising that and owning our successes.”

Rizvi will welcome insights from her Perth audience.

“I’m looking forward to hearing women’s stories, solving some career conundrums and unpacking the realities of a gendered workforce,” she says.

“I'm excited to talk about what we can achieve when women – moving ever closer to 50 per cent of the workforce – work together as a collective to build a better world.”

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