Small business is a big deal

04 October, 2017

Small businesses employ nearly half of all jobs in WA and on October 28 we will celebrate the crucial role they play in the state.

WA Small Business Day, an initiative started by Small Business Matters sponsored by Bankwest and supported by the Chamber of Commerce network, aims to increase the profile of small business, celebrate their contribution and encourage people to spend their money at one.

Small Business Matters cofounder Nicolle Jenkins says the 218,152 small businesses are at the heart of WA's economy.

“Small business is a big deal,” she says.

"They are at the heart of what makes our local communities great and provide diversity of products and services, competition, innovation and entrepreneurship.

"In 2014-15 small business contributed $39.7 billion to the economy; accounting for 19.7 per cent of WA's gross state product.

"If WA's small business sector was considered an industry, it would rank second only to mining ($64.4 billion) in terms of industry gross value added."

Jenkins says small businesses face some tough challenges, which is why they deserved celebration.

"Small business don’t have the same resources as big business yet are faced with the same level of regulation and compliance obligations," she says.  

"When small businesses grow, so does their prospect of becoming so tied up in red tape that less and less attention and energy can be spent by owners and managers on doing what they do best: getting on with business.

"When a small business does well, they invest, take risks, employ more people, pay more tax.  By supporting a better environment for small business - everyone wins.

“The WA Small Business Day celebrates our small business sector and entrepreneurs.”

Jenkins is encouraging businesses at all levels to help celebrate WA Small Business Day.

She says they can either share information with their networks or host an event in the lead up to October 28.

They can also help the cause online by

  • following on twitter and Instagram - @smallbizwa;
  • liking the Facebook page - Small Business Matters;
  • using the hashtag #smallbizwa on all social media postings;
  • complete the survey here (and share the link) and go into the draw to win $300.

►To find out more about how you can get involved visit the Small Business Matters website.