Purge of the white collar worker?

22 September, 2017

A shakeup of white collar workers and the way they perform their duties is not too far away, says Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Director of Workplace Relations Policy Scott Barklamb.

Artificial intelligence and automation are bringing transformations to the workplace.

Bank tellers have faced automated teller machines, teachers face increasing changes due to online study, insurance claim workers face replacement altogether at Japanese life insurer Fukoku Mutual.   

Global bank JPMorgan Chase & Co has released software this year that it claims will eliminate 360,000 lawyer hours a year by scanning documents in seconds. It uses Contract Intelligence (COIN) to interpret commercial loan agreements and hopes to automate mundane tasks for bankers.

“Doing business in a changing world of work will require adjustments from employers and employees as roles and businesses change,” he says.

“And it’s worth thinking about now.”

Barklamb will run business leaders through what it will be like to ‘do business in a changing world of work’ at a CCI IR Breakfast on October 3.

“New technologies appear set to displace work, not just blue collar jobs as there are growing suggestions that the work of lawyers, auditors and other white collar workers may change,” Barklamb says.

Barklamb will examine opportunities and challenges presented for employers as the world of work changes.

“There is widespread discussion about how new platforms such as Uber and Airtasker are changing the world of work and I will identify key trends and likely challenges for WA businesses,” he says.

Barklamb will also address how unions may react and the pressures that might fall on Australian employment legislation.

Prior to re-joining the Australian Chamber this year, Barklamb oversaw workplace policy and public affairs with the Australian Mines and Metals Association (AMMA). 

Between 2009 and 2012, Scott was senior adviser to the Geneva-based International Organisation of Employers, representing employers globally at the International Labour Organisation, OECD, G20, WTO and World Bank. 

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