Plan to win before you begin

09 June, 2017

After more than 30 years as a business plan consultant, Gordon Pender has put pen to paper to reveal his tips and tricks for success.

Hear from the new author at the Business Book Club: Planning to Win event at CCI on July 14.

Pender’s first book Planning to Win will help businesses navigate the road to getting venture capital.

“Raising capital is something that most entrepreneurs don’t do often,” Pender says.

“So, no matter how good they are at business, this is new to most of them.

“And they’re up against professionals who do it for a living.

“We hear constantly and encouragingly – from our Prime Minister down – how exciting it is to be an entrepreneur, let alone an Australian.”

Pender says the reality can be a different story for those new to business.

“I’ve had much pleasure, and some pain, working for 30 years with those who have done it,” he says.

“What happens in the real world is often not known or talked about.

“I hope new entrepreneurs will benefit by knowing what can really happen, and often does.”

Pender says the most important parts of his book are about products and markets, technology and strategy development.

“They cover what investors say are their most important considerations. And all in about 10 pages,” he says.

“But, a business is a system to make money. I think most investors, if they get past the executive summary, probably go straight to the deal.

“My book explains how to develop and propose a fair and practical deal. It’s also a good basis for negotiation.”

►Want to learn how to plan to win? Join us on 14 July at the next Business Book Club to hear Gordon Pender outline the elements of a successful business plan.