Outsource your OSH induction to us

27 January, 2017

The OSH laws in WA require that your employees have the necessary information, instruction, training and supervision to carry out their work safely.

An OSH induction is part of your organisation’s obligations.

Induction programs are essential for new employees and form part of the development of a positive OSH culture in your organisation. It is an essential step in on-boarding your new starter.

So why is it that so many workplaces don’t provide an induction? Our Members are telling us that they don’t really know what information they should be giving to a new starter.

Many feel they don’t actually have the expertise to pass on to their new starters.  Then time slips away and before too long, the new starter isn’t a new starter anymore, without having received this essential induction.

CCI recommends a two-part induction process:

General component introducing new employees to their general safety obligations, providing them with the essential theoretical and practical knowledge
Workplace and job specific component.

CCI can assist you to meet your obligation of providing an OSH Induction. Each month, a two-hour OSH induction is scheduled at CCI in East Perth. Simply enrol your new starters in this induction as part of the on-boarding process.

After the session is over, your new starter will return back to the workplace with a checklist to go through with their supervisor, covering such workplace specific things as the location of PPE, first aid, emergency response equipment and an explanation of OSH procedures and instructions relevant to the new starter.