No grand plan to disrupt: Uber

24 March, 2017

Uber isn’t a disrupter, it’s just responding to the ever-evolving needs of consumers according to Uber Australia and New Zealand General Manager David Rohrsheim.

Rohrsheim is speaking about the next chapter of the sharing economy at a special CCI breakfast on 5 April and laments the company being associated with the word.

“Disruption and even innovation mean different things to different people,” he says.

Uber started in Perth in 2013 but has raised the ire of the taxi industry, which says it has not had to conform to the same strict regulations and cost them money.

“I joined Uber in 2012 when the business was only about two years old, our founder started the app because he wanted to use it and it was a private club for him and 100 of his mates.

“You needed a password to join and they just wanted a classy ride when they finished dinner.

“There was no grand plan to disrupt anything or dominate any industry, they were just solving their own problem.”

He says adding the low cost transport option Uber X and food delivery service Uber Eats to their repertoire was simply a response to customer demand.

“We just keep responding to what consumers are looking for, there is no grand plan,” he says.

“Our goal was to serve customers better than they were already being served and if that feels to the existing industry like disruption then they’ve only got themselves to blame.

“We’re just making the most of the latest technology and delivering better outcomes to consumers.”

Rohrsheim will be joined by CCI’s chief economist Rick Newnham at a breakfast in April and both will share their thoughts on the next chapter of the sharing economy. Book your tickets to ‘The Sharing Economy: What it Means for WA Business’ here.