New code will safeguard building sector

07 December, 2016

The WA business community has welcomed the government’s decision to introduce a Code of Conduct for WA builders that will ensure the rule of law is respected on State Government projects and across the private sector.

CCI Chief Executive Deidre Willmott says the code will ensure taxpayer dollars are not wasted on costly delays caused by unlawful union behaviour.

“Today’s announcement is a strong step forward in restoring the rule of law and efficiency in WA’s construction industry,” Ms Willmott said.

“Time wasted on costly delays caused by unlawful union behaviour on State Government worksites drives up the cost of doing business and damages productivity – all at taxpayers’ expense.

“A WA Code of Conduct for the building industry – together with the reestablishment of the Australian Building and Construction Commission – will ensure that unlawful and thuggish behaviour by militant unions will not be tolerated or allowed to threaten WA’s reputation as a place to do business, which undermines new investment and job creation.

“Further, the Code of Conduct will mean that the head contractor on a government project must uphold the code across all of their other private worksites – this will ensure that industrial relations law is adhered to state-wide and will boost safety outcomes across the board.

“This will make WA a more attractive place to invest, which will mean more new infrastructure projects and more jobs created for the state’s workers.”

Willmott says CCI, together with Master Builders WA, had been calling on the government to introduce a code for some time.

“The introduction of a WA Code of Conduct comes after the passage of the ABCC legislation in Federal Parliament last week – together the reforms will form a powerful safeguard against unlawful union behaviour in the construction industry and will support growth in the sector for the benefit of the national economy.”