It is more than just a bit of good luck

21 July, 2017

From lacking confidence to crying at work, from sexual harassment to procrastination, author Jamila Rizvi holds a mirror up to women and challenges them at every hurdle.

Her new book, Not Just Lucky, released this month, strives to help women realise that their self-doubt about work was because many of them operated in a gender-biased environment.

The successful commentator and influential author will be the special guest at the CCI-Boffins book club event on August 18.

“My intention was to help women see that their self-doubt about work is not a reflection on their own lack of ability, but the result of operating in a gender biased environment,” she says.

“This isn't a how-to book or a self-help book. While it has some really practical tips about how to operate in the workforce, it's really a book about confidence.

“What confidence looks like, what it feels like, what it sounds like and how you can have more of it simply by understanding the gender bias that is operating in the background and knowing that it's not your fault.”

Rizvi says while she covers some heavy topics in Not Just Lucky, she hopes women finish reading it feeling optimistic about their place in the workforce.

“I hope women walk away feeling enlightened, challenged and inspired to change the way they think about their work, and each other,” she says.

Rizvi is also the former editor-in-chief of the Mamamia Women’s Network websites and prior to entering the media worked in politics for former prime minister Kevin Rudd.

Rizvi’s top three things women can do to stop being overlooked and undervalued at work:

  1. 1. Buy Not Just Lucky
  2. 2. Read Not Just Lucky
  3. 3. Implement the tips in Not Just Lucky

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