MacTiernan lays out priorities

07 September, 2017

CCI Members heard firsthand the State Government’s plan for the regions last month as Regional Development; Agriculture and Food Minister Alannah MacTiernan addressed the energy and resources forum.

Ahead of the Government’s first budget, MacTiernan spoke about her priorities in the regions and said she sensed a more collegiate approach from businesses than the last time she was a minister.

She also said she wanted to focus on education in the regions and involve business more in STEM programs. Looking at ways to grow the value of Aboriginal businesses in the supply chain and creating sustainable job opportunities is also a key focus of the Minsiter.

In Port Hedland MacTiernan said they were conducting community engagement to find out what they want for the future of the port town and a marina could form a part of that.

Further south MacTiernan said the coal town Collie could have a renewable energy future and possibly a base for manufacturing in the south west.

CCI national policy adviser Joe Doleschall-Ridnell says “Minister MacTiernan came to CCI with an open invitation to have an honest, open, and constructive relationship with how to improve the lives of people in regional communities. We look forward to continuing this approach with the Minister.”

CCI’s energy and resources forum provides members with the opportunity to shape CCI’s policy and advocacy work, understand the key issues across the diverse sectors, and engage with key decision makers.

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