Keep up with NDIS changes

09 June, 2017

With so much happening in the NDIS space, it's important to keep up with innovative and practical strategies.

The WA NDIS conference on June 30 will update you on everything that's happening in the industry.

Hear from Federal Minister for Social Services Christian Porter, who will outline proposed NDIS reforms while other experts and leaders will share their insights on how to succeed in the NDIS marketplace.

Keynote speaker Richard McAllister from Flow Perth will talk about the energy and fulfilment that can be achieved from giving to those in need.

He set up Flow Perth in 2012 to help charities with their digital capabilities to improve their exposure, increase volunteers and help with access to capital.
“The best thing about Flow Perth is the community spirit that is generated and the togetherness that comes from this,” he says.

“Everyone swarms around a handful of problems that in turn creates a big change within the organisation we are helping.

“We understand why the organisation exists, what its main problems are and we find ways to solve these problems.”

Flow Perth volunteers remain focused on the big picture while helping with the smaller details.   

“Some other side benefits are that we help them also improve how they operate by having an increase in speed, decision making and agility," McAllister says.
He says the charities helped by Flow Perth have little access to the capability it can provide.

“The charities are selfless people who provide a wonderful service but they do not have the type of investment that the big corporates around town are making in terms of having business agility,” he says.

“We have expertise in this space and I feel that we should all give a little of our expertise and time to help our communities and our state grow, scale and succeed together.
“Something that really shines when we do these events is the charities being so receptive to change.

“I think they understand that the volunteers we supply are limited (in terms of time) and therefore their decision making is extremely fast and their ability to change is met with a real intention to do things better.

“This is a powerful combination,” he says.

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