It’s not women’s fault

05 May, 2017

That’s the message from Catherine Fox, one of Australia’s leading commentators on women and the workforce, who last month released her latest book with the catchy title Stop Fixing Women.

The journalist, author and presenter is regularly invited to speak around Australia and internationally and will be the special guest at the CCI-Boffins Books Breakfast Club event on May 12.

After working in the financial services sector in Sydney and London, she joined the Australian Financial Review where she wrote the Corporate Woman column. She has written three books including 7 Myths about Women and Work.

When former Australian prime minister Tony Abbott said he was disappointed that only one woman made it into his first cabinet based on ‘merit’, many Australians didn’t buy it.

But if discrimination in the workplace is well and truly on the radar these days, why is genuine progress for women still horribly slow?

The pay gap is 17.9 per cent, there are 3 per cent women CEOs of top companies and women have half the superannuation savings of men.

Fortunately organisations from the army to banks, healthcare and IT are starting to recognise that systemic bias is the problem and we need to change the rules, not the women.

Fox helped establish the annual Westpac/Financial Review 100 Women of Influence Awards and is on several advisory boards, including the Australian Defence Force Gender Equality Advisory Board.

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