Is your management style failing?

17 March, 2017

Workplace training is one of the many responsibilities that sit within a manager’s scope.

Have you ever had to deliver a training session and found that your message didn’t ‘stick’ or were left wondering why an employee wasn’t grasping your training?

It’s been said that the mindset of, “but that’s the way we have always done it” can be very costly for a business; likewise in a training environment.

Managers need to be empowered with the skills and knowledge to succeed in their roles so CCI’s Introduction to Supervision: Pathway to Management is a good starting point to brush up on such skills.

If employees are sticking to the theory of “that’s the way I was shown and that worked for me” then managers may need to be more effective in the way they impart their knowledge.

Learning styles explore how adults typically use their senses to perceive, store and process information and this course will help you work out what your management style might be.

You may find you are in fact working ‘against the grain’ and communicating in unsupportive ways for another’s preferred learning style.

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