Houston energises CCI forum

05 July, 2017

Member’s of CCI’s energy and resources forum left energised for success last month after getting the rare opportunity to hear from Air Chief Marshal Sir Angus Houston.

Sir Angus retired as Chief of the Australian Defence Force after 41 years of service in the military and was awarded the Knight of the Order of Australia in 2015 for extraordinary achievement and merit in service to Australia.

His achievements include distinguished service in the Australian Defence Force, leading the national responses to the MH370 and MH17 disasters and ongoing service to the community through leadership and advisory roles.

WA’s energy and resources companies have a lot of overlap with the ADF including operating collaboratively in areas like border protection.

Many energy and resources employees have served in the ADF in permanent or reserve roles.

Houston told members leadership qualities he developed in the defence force were applicable to any organisation.

He said the key was influencing without authority and using networks to achieve outcomes.

As a leader, Houston said it was important to operate without a destructive ego and be able to take advice.

Being on the Council for the Order of Australia, Houston said he is looking for ways of supporting more female nominations to the Council for Order of Australia awards.

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