Hire and seek: how to win the recruitment game

01 March, 2017

Finding the right people for your business won’t happen by accident – you need a strategy.

Ask any good business manager the secret to their success and the answer will usually be “finding the right people”.

But effective recruitment is not simply a matter of placing a job ad and waiting for the CVs to roll in. A sound recruitment strategy should take into account the following …

1. Trends

Technology is influencing how products are made and workplaces are adapting. Consider your past recruitment efforts and conduct research on new trends to ensure you are attracting the top talent and strengthening your competitive advantage. If big data, for example, is making an impact in your industry sector, look for someone with experience in this field.

2. Social channels

Social recruitment involves looking for candidates via:

  • online job boards
  • social media
  • mobile career websites
  • online job applications

Social recruiting can save time and money during the recruitment process, but you must understand how it works to gain the best benefit. You should clearly define your social recruitment strategy to ensure a unified and positive message is presented to all talent.

3. Diversity

Improve your business’s culture by focusing recruitment efforts on the growing number of people in the workforce with a disability. Studies show that employees with a disability:

  • display stronger company loyalty
  • report less incidence of absence due to illness or injury
  • have a positive impact on company reputation and brand perception

4. Feedback

Applicants who have a negative experience during the recruitment process may withdraw their application or turn down an offer of employment – and it’s not likely they’ll keep their experience to themselves.

Review your processes and strategy regularly – taking feedback into account – to ensure you are putting your best foot forward in the marketplace.

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