Businesses are being asked to have their say on the future of business licensing in WA in an Economic Regulation Authority inquiry.

The business licensing reform inquiry is aimed at identifying opportunities to improve business licensing arrangements generally, and priority areas for reform.

The ERA will also develop an analytical framework and guideline that state government agencies can use to assess whether business licences are needed, well designed and efficiently administered.

In its preliminary list, the ERA has identified almost 700 licenses, permits, certifications and approvals that businesses must have. Most are industry specific like the second-hand dealer’s license for pawnbrokers which is issued by the WA Police.

While the State Government has responded to concerns about the regulatory burden on businesses in recent years, the ERA says there is probably scope for further reform.

The ERA said its inquiry will complement work being done by some state government agencies to review and reform their licensing schemes.

The authority has published a paper providing an overview of the inquiry and consultation process, two consultation papers and a preliminary list of business licenses that are within the scope of the inquiry.

Interested parties are invited to:

  1. Lodge a submission to the consultation paper(s) using the form on the ERA website 
  2. Provide views by responding to questions asked by the ERA

The initial consultation period closes at 4pm, April 3, 2018.

CCI is putting forward a submission and is also seeking feedback from Members if they would like to engage with the inquiry.

►To add your thoughts, please contact CCI’s Senior Economist Nathan Viles on (08) 9365 7693 or email