Stewart Marshall

Have you ever wanted to employ an apprentice or trainee but haven’t known how to go about it?

Apprenticeship Support Australia offers a free service to businesses wanting to employ and train the next generation.

Business Development Advisor Michael Lange says the first step involves businesses identifying their need for apprentices or trainees within the business structure.

“It’s smart to get an ASA staff member in to understand what qualifications are suitable to train your staff member to an industry standard,” Lange says. “That way, when a business is recruiting, they can advertise for the exact position.

“An explanation on government incentives, funding and rebates associated with employing apprentices and trainees can also be provided.”

While it is necessary to know what position your business may need filling, finding the right apprentice or trainee to fill it can be difficult.

Lange stresses that ASA isn’t a recruitment agency. Rather, it uses guidance and recruitment tools to get the job done.

“People can access our Candidate Pool and Jobs Board as well as the Job Fit Test on the for their business,” he says.

“We also have contacts with schools, and a register for job seekers who are looking for an apprenticeship or traineeship that employees can tap into.”

The final phase of the process is completing the National Training Contract. ASA then registers the contract with the State Training Authority.

“The contract must cover the duration of the apprenticeship or traineeship, and the employee must be full-time or part-time — never casual.”

Throughout the training, ASA provides personalised support and advice to maximise training outcomes.

“We provide ongoing mentoring, contact visits and manage all incentives and benefits for all our clients,” Lange says.

Thinking about bringing an apprentice or trainee into your business?  Contact the Apprenticeship Support Australia team today for a FREE Workplace Assessment on 1300 363 831.