CCIWA is encouraging local businesses to tender for State Government contracts to build a $2.6 million vessel for Perth’s ferry network.

The ferry will become the third in the fleet after the MV Shelley Taylor-Smith and the MV Phillip Pendal.

It will replace the 20-year-old MV Shelley Taylor-Smith, which will be retained and used as a reserve when demand is high for special events.

CCI’s 9000 members have identified local content as a key priority and CCI Chief Executive Deidre Wilmott is encouraging the State Government to procure from local businesses.

“The new addition will not only improve transportation for local passengers commuting to work and tourists wanting to see the Swan River and Perth city from a different perspective, it will be a welcome boost to local businesses looking for the opportunity to tender for new contracts right through the supply chain,” she says.

“We have the local skills to complete this work competitively and efficiently.

“I encourage the State Government to prioritise local manufacturers applications to ensure it is local WA jobs and local business investment that benefit.

“Ensuring WA businesses have access to government procurement is critical to helping businesses grow and create jobs, and for WA to retain our skilled workforce.”

She said CCI looks forward to continuing to work with the State Government to boost local industry participation in major projects across the supply chain.

The ferries will be rotated through service, with a third vessel allowing Transperth greater flexibility during regular maintenance periods.

The new ferry will have 148 seats and a toilet, meaning it can potentially be used for longer journeys than the current Elizabeth Quay-South Perth route, should that be required in the future.

A new shelter has recently been installed at the Mends Street Jetty in South Perth to make travel on the ferry even more comfortable for passengers.

A recent Transperth passenger survey showed that the ferry is a crowd favourite, with 99 per cent of passengers saying they were satisfied with the service.

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