Fair work win

06 July, 2017

Fair Work Commission on Wednesday rejected a union claim that would have discouraged the hiring of new part-time and casual employees and jeopardised the employment prospects of young Australians.

The Commission rejected claims for conversion of casual work to full or part time work after six months and to impose four-hour minimum shifts across the board.

They instead adopted a more balanced approach enabling employees to seek to become permanent after 12 months in certain circumstances and adopting a two hour minimum shift requirement where awards are silent.

Deputy Director of Workplace Relations at the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Alana Matheson says while the decision will create some additional red tape for employers, it recognises the important contribution casual and part-time work plays in our economy and in creating jobs.

“Modelling for the Australian Chamber had estimated the union claim would have cost the Australian economy $3.7 billion a year, and the equivalent of 19,000 fewer full time jobs,” she says.

“This was an anti-jobs proposal from the union movement – it was important that it be rejected not only from the perspective of business but for job seekers and the underemployed.”

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