Collaborating with experts can inspire business owners to move onward and upward, says WA Leaders CEO Rupen Kotecha.

With the world changing at a rate of knots, Kotecha says businesses should look to others for inspiration to help uncover the opportunities ahead.

He will lead a team of WA Leaders Industry Experts at the CCI Growth, Strategy and Investment Forum on March 21.

The panel includes Profile Media Communications’ Sue Papadoulis, CFO Centre’s Chris Cooper, Inbound Marketing’s Adam Rowles and Leap Consulting’s Zaun Bhana.

Kotecha, the former chief financial operator for global companies such as British Airways – who also runs the CFO Centre Australia – says change is the greatest threat and opportunity that businesses face today.

“Companies need to continually innovate to adapt to this change and this continual innovation requires collaboration. At a recent event, the futurist from Telstra indicated that the change we faced over the last 100 years is the equivalent of what’s happening in the next three.

Kotecha says when industry experts collaborate and share their knowledge in a different way, it inspires business owners to go back to the business and do something different.

“Innovation cannot and does not occur in isolation and it is by collaboration with experts across all fields, we see time and time again, that companies can innovate to stay ahead of the game, grow their value and start making the changes that lead to the success they are looking for.”

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