Equip workers with safety skills

17 February, 2017

Every person in the workplace has the legal right to work in a safe and healthy environment.

It may seem easy to say, but is your organisation putting it into practice?

Our practical, information-packed session will provide your employees with an understanding of their legislative OSH duties and responsibilities, equip them with the skills to identify and assess risk and enable them to communicate safety and health matters confidently with team members and their supervisors.

Our one-day knowledge packed course will provide those needing a basic intro to safety and health in the workplace with:

An overview of the general duties from the occupational health and safety OHS Act 1984

  • How to apply the principles of SAMM:
    • Spot the hazard
    • Assess the risk
    • Make the change
    • Monitor and review
  • How to carry out a basic job safety analysis; and
  • The basics of appropriate workplace behavior, and what constitutes bullying.

When everyone in the workplace has the same basic knowledge of safety and health, the workplace can only improve safety wise.