Early training prevents injuries

28 April, 2017

OHS has been proven to reduce the risk to injury and harm, as employees will have a positive feeling about the business.

It is particularly effective for new employees early in their employment, although refreshers are great for employees who have been around for a while.

The feeling of being cared for by the business and not just a number encourages a good safety culture.

When OHS training is introduced early into a job role, time and money is saved as employees can get straight into safe production.

Businesses don’t have to roll out elaborate training plans in the beginning – a slow start is usually more effective.

The long-winded approach – where course after course is rolled out in a short space of time – can overwhelm new employees and de-motivate existing ones.

Start by looking at each business department and where each could improve.

Choose the departments that are at most risk of injury or harm within the roles they do. Continued OHS training for experienced employees based on their job roles, helps to reduce sloppy and unsafe work habits.

For further information, please contact CCI’s Safety and Risk Services team on 9365 7415 or email osh@cciwa.com.