Drive the future of Perth

20 April, 2017

The City of Perth is embarking on one of its most important research efforts ever with the aim of improving the experience of businesses operating in the city – and they need your help.

City of Perth Manager Economic Development Daniel High is calling on businesses to provide feedback for their research which will inform their economic spending and planning because current data available to them is too old and not future focused.

High says by filling out the Future Scenario Assessment industry survey businesses will get to have their say on the future of Perth.

A key aspect of the survey is to understand business perspectives on the drivers that impact industry and to understand how Perth as a location is performing in this context.

High says the answers will be used for a detailed economic model so the city can understand, plan for and include business considerations in its future economic development strategies.

He says it will also allow them to identify industry areas of opportunity, such as the promotion of globally-competitive clusters within the Perth economy.

 “This evidence base will highlight to the city the key considerations that the city should pursue to achieve a high growth outcome in employment and industry output to benefit both the Perth CBD and the wider metropolitan area.

He says previous strategies have been based on dated historical data but the city’s decision to build a more holistic evidence base will drive the updated strategy to support local business and the regional economy.  

“Building long term scenarios enables the city to identify industry clusters and those sectors that can work together to achieve competitive advantage in export industries,” he says.

Pracsys is undertaking the research on behalf of the City and founder/owner Michael Chappell says the city needs evidence to support business cases to attract investment from State and Federal governments and the private sector. 

“In these ways, this analysis and scenario modelling will be a key component in ensuring economic development strategies are focussed on evidenced-based priorities that generate business and economic benefits for Perth,” he says.

High says the City of Perth budgeted to invest $62 million in infrastructure/capital projects and $195 million in operating expenses across its business units in 2016/17 and many of those units focussed on helping businesses be more successful in the city. 

“By understanding the specific needs of your business, the city can direct investment into areas that will help your business grow,” he says. 

Participation in the short survey also offers the chance to win one of five $200 vouchers to Perth’s newest foodie hotspot, 8 on the Point at Point Fraser in East Perth.

To have your say on the future of business in Perth, complete the survey here.