Do you have a pathway to management?

20 April, 2017

Making the shift from working with your colleagues to suddenly being their boss can be a challenge.

It might also be difficult to make decisions on the organisation’s goals and strategy.

If you have a new manager in your team, empower them with the skills and knowledge to succeed by registering them for CCI’s Introduction to Supervision: Pathway to Management course.

Tactics that might assist you in dealing with this challenge include:

  • Clearly identifying the organisations expectations of you with your manager or team leader. Then any action you take is in accordance with what is required of you as a part of your new role.
  • Then make that transitional mind shift. You are now a team leader with new responsibilities.
  • Establishing authority while remaining approachable. Very few can manage to be a mate and a team leader, especially when difficult decisions need to be made.
  • Encouraging suggestions from team members of ways in which the team can be put into a better situation than it was before you were team leader. If, as a team leader, you know a reason why these suggestions may not be appropriate explain that to the team.
  • Seek assistance from team members in their particular areas of expertise and recognise that assistance by giving the team members credit when it is due.
  • Avoid making the mistakes you know the previous team leader made, especially if you complained about them.
  • Develop and build a relationship with your up line manager. Presumably they are more experienced and you can learn from their experience.
  • Seek out a mentor. Someone you trust and is highly regarded. Approach them to see if they would be available and willing to offer advice or guidance when you require assistance.

Next available dates for CCI’s course – Introduction to Supervision: Pathway to Management – are April 27-28, May 29-30 or June 26-27.