What to do when you have legitimate business operational requirements but are scared of facing claims of discrimination

Struggling to navigate discrimination laws when someone returns after parental leave? Is the employee making unreasonable requests for flexible working arrangements?

CCI Senior Employee Relations Consultant Stephen Farrell will give some practical examples on how to address the requests at the next HR Link Quarterly briefing on February 27.

Farrell, who has more than 13 years as a Human Resources/Industrial Relations Practitioner, has helped many employers resolve requests without the fear of a discrimination case landing on their desk.

“As an example, where an employee requests flexible working arrangements, under the National Employment Standards, the employer must agree to that request unless there are genuine operational reasons for it not to do so and in the briefing I will be discussing real life examples where there were genuine reasons,” he says.

 “I will not necessarily address ‘this is sexual discrimination and this is not’, it will be more about how to manage discrimination and, yes, be aware of discrimination laws but that doesn’t mean you have to comply with everything an employee wants.”

Farrell will give examples of how employers can manage operational requirements without breaching the discrimination laws.

He will be joined by Employee Relations Consultant Tomas Connolly, who will give an overview of recent trends and challenges when negotiating enterprise agreements.

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