Drones are becoming so popular that remote pilot licence holders grew by 65 per cent last year, according to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

Global Drone Solutions CEO Mahmood Hussein says businesses are realising drones can reduce cost and risk, improve operations and increase safety.

The technology is being used across multiple industries to survey, inspect and maintain operations and facilities.

Hussein, along with four other industry experts, will run a free workshop as part of the CCI-run Entrepreneurs’ Program, to pass on information about the latest industry advances in drone technology.

He says the rate of change is so fast that regulators are struggling to keep up with managing various privacy and security issues.

 “You now have fully autonomous drones, which take off, land and recharge ready for the next mission,” he says.

“Some of the biggest corporations in the world like Amazon, Google, Intel Microsoft are investing heavily in the drone space. There have been considerable developments in drone deliveries from Domino’s Pizza to medicine and flotation devices to struggling swimmers. 

“It’s really a very exciting space and offers fantastic opportunities to any business which is interested in reducing cost and risk and improving business operations and employee safety.”  

Hussein will be joined by Will Wishart from C4D Intel, Luke Aspinall from Heliwest, Steve Brown from Altitude Imaging and Josh Portlock from Scientific Aerospace.

Attendees will see an indoor drone demonstration by C4D Intel on the Elios collision tolerant drone, which is used in enclosed spaces.

According to CASA, there are now 7380 remote pilot licences holders, while operator certificate holders grew by 70 per cent last year to 1283 operators.

CCI works with the Federal Government to deliver the Entrepreneurs’ Program, with matched grants of up to $20,000 available to eligible businesses. You don’t need to be a CCI Member to take advantage of this free initiative.

For more information about the workshop or the program contact Kim Moss on (08) 9365 7531 or kim.moss@cciwa.com.

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