Billson calls for feedback on FWC

05 April, 2017

How small business interacts with the Fair Work Commission is front and centre of a review led by former Federal Small Business Minister Bruce Billson.

Billson, who quit politics last year and did not recontest his seat, has been hired by the commission to carry out the review.

He visited CCI on Tuesday morning to get an understanding of the experiences of small business when dealing with the commission and discuss issues facing employers during claims.

He spoke about timeliness of claims, the cost of the process, the power balance between employers and employees during claims and the impact all of this has on small businesses.

Billson was seeking ideas and feedback to advise the commission on how it can best meet the needs of small business.

The commission hopes to improve its relationship with all stakeholders and significantly improve service delivery with a culture more focused on the users of its systems, procedures and processes.

As a strong advocate of small business, Billson understood the issues raised by CCI on behalf of its small business Members.

He was captivated by the difficulties outlined by one Member at the meeting.   

CCI Industrial Relations and Safety Policy manager Paul Moss says the commission can help small businesses by better managing unfair dismissal claims, simplifying modern awards to suit small business and being consistent in its approval of enterprise agreements. 

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