New laws to give WA businesses a better opportunity to get a bigger share of work on State Government projects passed the Legislative Assembly last week.

The McGowan Labor Government's Jobs Law means prospective suppliers of government contracts will now be required to submit local participation plans as part of their tender. These plans will be incorporated into project contracts.

Staff within the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation and the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development will proactively engage with local businesses on the new laws.

Under the Jobs Law, the Government can also declare a major project a 'project of strategic significance for the WA economy', requiring these projects to have extra local content.

Premier Mark McGowan said the bill was all about giving WA businesses every opportunity to compete for work on important State infrastructure such as schools, hospitals and public transport. It also gave them the tools they need to compete, he said.

CCIWA Chief Executive Deidre Willmott welcomed passage of the State Government’s Jobs Bill: “CCI’s 9000 members have identified local content as a key priority as CCI is the only organisation to truly represent the entire supply chain”.

“Ensuring WA businesses have access to government procurement is critical to helping businesses grow and create jobs, and for WA to retain our skilled workforce.

“But while it is important that WA businesses can gain access to supply chain opportunities, it is equally critical this is achieved without onerous regulations being imposed on major project contractors.

“This could deter new investment, slow down project development, hinder economic growth and undermine new job creation.

“CCI looks forward to continuing to work with the State Government. CCI plays a key role in connecting local service providers with major projects, to ensure local content outcomes are effective and efficient for all WA businesses across the supply chain.”

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