Barking up the right construction tree

16 June, 2017

CCI Member Grasstrees Australia have been planting feature displays at some of WA’s largest construction sites for a quarter of a century.

They are just one of a multitude of businesses that make up the diverse construction industry in WA.

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You may have seen fruits of their labour Elizabeth Quay, Fiona Stanley Hospital, Perth Airport and on many roads and verges across the city including the Gateway project and the Mitchell Freeway, such is their appeal.

About 30 have already been planted near Perth Stadium, with more to come as the project nears completion.

Grasstrees Australia Operations Manager Harrison Leeder says developers are realising the importance of saving the iconic trees.

Capricorn Yanchep developers Acumen Development Solutions recruited Grasstrees Australia to transplant a massive grass tree, which had been growing between Beachside Parade and Two Rocks Road in Yanchep for 10 centuries, to its new site across the road.

“We’ve seen thousands and thousands of grass trees and that was significantly the biggest we’ve ever seen. It was well and truly the oldest,” Harrison says.

Relocating the spectacular 5m tree weighing in at 1200 kilograms and four other smaller ones took three people an entire day.

The two-trunked native treasure was moved out of the way of a future shopping centre in to a safer haven – the site of the former holiday destination Club Capricorn Resort, now known as Campground Adventure Park.

“They’d earmarked that grass tree as something really culturally significant with a lot of heritage, so decided to get us to move it,” he says.

The combination of more land being cleared and more awareness of the option to revegetate means more opportunities to rescue the trees.

“I think everyone has a bit more of a conscience about the grass trees as well, so everyone is aware that you can save them,” Harrison says.

“We’ve been working closely with a lot of the developers in building that relationship so that’s helped as well.”

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